* * *

Hannah's friend Sandra smiled. She wasn't happy that her friend was sick, but it was the perfect reason to call Dr. Simmons. A few months ago, she'd had a cold. She'd gone to see Dr. Simmons, and his treatment was... remarkable.

Since then, she called the doctor from time to time to get more of his exotic treatments. He couldn't always make it, but she knew that he would be there to treat a truly sick patient.

She called his private number and let it ring. Eventually, the doctor answer.

Hi, doctor,” she said. “It's Sandra. Listen, my friend is really sick. She can't even get out of bed, in fact. So I was thinking...” She laughed at the doctor's response. “Exactly. She's completely helpless to resist. Can you come by and give her your cure?”

The doctor agreed. She gave him Hannah's address and hung up. Then she got into her car and headed over to her friend's house. She wasn't going to let the doctor treat Hannah alone. She wanted to watch.

* * *

Hannah awoke to find Sandra standing over her, shaking her gently. She rolled over and moaned. “Sandra... what are you doing here?”

Sandra smiled. “I brought the doctor. He's here to make you feel better.”

Hannah looked down the bed. The doctor was standing at the end of it. “He's handsome,” she muttered.

Sandra laughed. “You must be really out of it, babe.” She gathered the edge of the blankets in her hands and began to pull them down.

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