by Lou Harper

Smashword Edition

Copyright Lou Harper 2012

Cover Art by Lou Harper © Copyright 2012

With a weakness for bossy men and facial hair, Jay is willing to serve up
more than just drinks when a handsome stranger with long sideburns walks
into his bar. But the object of his desire may be more than Jay gambled

Warning: light bondage and the blatant misuse of items of clothing.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Some people manage to capture your imagination without even trying. Jay finished hooking up the tap to the new keg, looked up, and saw a new customer walk in. He nicknamed him Handsome Stranger--Handsome for short--right then. To be frank, the guy wasn't traditionally good looking, not like a model or a movie star, but he had character by the bucketload. A certain world-weariness had etched itself into his features--like someone who'd been around the block a few times and had a tough hide to show for it. He wore a white dress shirt and dark slacks, but his movements were too precise and sharp for him to be another office drone. Plus Handsome had sexy long sideburns that reminded Jay of Colin Firth in some costume drama he'd seen on TV. It's safe to say Jay was attracted to the guy right away.

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