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Maria Rachel Hooley


Copyright ©2012 Maria Rachel Hooley

Cover by Phatpuppy Art

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Chapter One

David Johnson smiled at me today.

I was walking down the hall, and one of the other football players ran into me, knocking all my stuff to the floor. As I bent to pick it up, David suddenly appeared--not that I was aware. I thought it was some other dumb jock who'd deigned to help. The only reason I even knew it was a jock was I could see the tail of his jersey. I didn't realize it was David until our hands collided and he said, "Sorry, Cee Cee."

When I saw his blue eyes flash in my direction, I stopped moving and stared like a dummy while he shoved papers back into my notebook and pressed it into my hands.

"Good as new." He gave a smile and headed down the hall to hang out with Jeremy Rogers and Matt Weston.

I knew I should get up but couldn't. He knows my name, I thought. He knows who I am.

"You gonna stay there all day?"

That's when I saw Stacy Eddings standing nearby, arms crossed over his chest. When I still didn't move, he waved his hand in front of me.

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