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Don't Tell My Girlfriend!

Twenty-two messages. That's gotta be a record.

Granted I haven't checked my account in a couple weeks, but in that time my profile had been bumped down far enough that I shouldn't be getting this much attention. On the other hand dudes in their 40s can be pretty determined in trying to find a hot young ass to plow, and my public photos include one of my sexy bubble butt after all. I have a pretty fantastic ass if I do say so myself: firm and toned yet still with enough plumpness that it looks so damn spankable while a guy's visualizing himself railing me.

24, Mixed, 5'7”, 154 lbs, vers.” Scant on the info, but my photos say so much more: tight abs, square-jawed but boyish, caramel skin... that's what really attracts the other guys. Some might try to feign personality by listing their hobbies or offering to meet in coffee shops. Me, I take the honest approach.

Sure enough the first few messages are from middle-aged dudes trying to score. I'm tempted to shoot them a reply for their shameless ballsiness. A couple even offer me a hundred bucks or so for the privilege of sucking my cock. Those I save and consider for later.

The most recent message came in just thirteen minutes ago.

Straight TOP! 22, white, 5'7/145. I like bitches, so dont u fags be pming me.” Most guys would gloss over his profile, knowing it's too much trouble to flirt with a straightboy if they aren't wondering what he's doing on a gay hookup site. Straight dudes looking for a guy to fuck usually have pretty high standards, and it's a bitch having to put up with their waffling and flaking out. Not to mention the fact that this guy sounds pretty far down the douchey end of the scale.

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