Michelle Statler walked into her apartment late, after a long day at work. She was exhausted, but she still had to wash clothes before she could lay back. It was her routine. One load, every other day, or she got behind. It was just like half a dozen other routines that pushed her through life.

After tugging the silk scarf from around her neck and fanning her freshly exposed cleavage until it was cool, she grabbed the basket of clothes. Not bothering to change out of the rest of her blue and white business suit, she carried the basket to the basement of the apartment building.

The attractive young woman smiled at the four men in the laundry room, giving them a quiet “hello” as she picked a washing machine. She set the basket on a washer and adjusted her blouse to expose more of her pink lace bra and cleavage. Then, taking the armload of clothing, she bent and put them in the washer, taking her time to spread them out a bit.

She knew her short skirt was giving the men a good look at her long, slender legs and probably a nice view of her bottom and matching pink undies. She loved being a cock tease. Lately, it was one of the few thrills she got out of life that didn’t involve vibrators and her fantasies. As much time as she put in at work, there just wasn’t enough time for anything else.

She felt her pussy getting wet at the thought of the men looking up her skirt and wanting her. If she had the guts, she’d take off her suit and throw it in the laundry, too, letting them gawk as she cleaned clothes in nothing but her underwear. But even she didn’t have that much nerve.

Instead, she indulged one of her favorite fantasies as she took way too much time loading the washer. The men in the room made it even easier to imagine.

She was naked, her wrists and ankles tied to the old, rusting chair that had been left for years in the laundry room. She never thought much about how she got that way. All she knew was a gorgeous man with beautiful, broad shoulders and chiseled abs treated her tits cruelly, slapping them and pulling her by the nipples to hold her forward while he forced his cock deep into her throat.

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