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Timothy Weary


Marvin K. Perkins

Smashwords Edition

Published by Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Marvin K. Perkins

Timothy Weary

Timothy Weary was his name. A long gangly kid with a pimpled face, and stringy dish water blond hair. His faded, torn blue jeans were inches too short and way too tight. He wore suspenders, a bow tie, and ugly, black thick framed glasses, that made him look more like a cartoon character than a teenage boy. Needless to say he wasn't one of the more popular kids at Messick High. But he was one of the main kids that were the brunt of the so called popular kid's jokes.

The teachers loved and felt sorry for poor Timothy. He was a super geek and one of the smarter kids at the school. "Class who was the fifth president of the United States?" Mr. Homer, the history teacher inquired of his class that sat dumbstruck and silent. He knew Timothy could answer, but he wanted someone else to answer for a change.

Looking at his feet and running his hand through his dirty hair, Timothy hoped Mr. Homer wouldn't ask him again. He hated being the smart kid. Why couldn't be one of the cool kids? Why couldn't he have friends? Why did they hate him so much? His mom said they were jealous. He wished he had been born good looking instead of smart. His brains were his curse.

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