Roommate Surprise

James Snow

Published by James Snow at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Snow

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Chapter One

We stumbled into her flat, our tongues wrestling and hands groping. Alcohol flowed through our bodies causing us to throw caution to the wind. I could feel my cock growing hard as she pulled at my jeans, popping the buttons open and sliding her hand around my shaft.

I moaned lightly as she pulled my cock free and began to stroke it lightly right there in her living room. Her teeth nibbling at my lips, causing me both pain and pleasure.

"Take it all off and sit down." She commanded.

I backed away with a grin and began clumsily tugging off my clothes, trying to watch her as her fingers slipped beneath the waist of her mini skirt.

"Very nice." I said, taking a seat on her couch, rubbing my cock slowly as I watched her hitch up her skirt, turning it into what could only be described as a very seductive belt.

"Comfortable?" She asked with a wink, tugging her thong down over her thighs and letting it slide down to her ankles. Shaved brown hair greeted me, sending my cock crazy.

"I'm about to be."

I watched her as she stepped towards me. Claire, her short light brown hair framed her pretty face, dark blue eyes and a tiny button nose and lips that never stopped smiling. She was medium height and slender. A tight t-shirt hugged her larger than average breasts, her erect nipples straining against the fabric. Her legs were long and bare, only a pair of ankle high boots covering them now.

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