Section 2 “Conflict”

Over Speed Reading the Gospels Media Speaks More Stars Magic Walk: Apollo Magic Walk: Clouds Calling the Sun The Squeaking Gate Colors of Duress Graceless Severity All Things Mine Revelations and Confusion Herald Vampire I Intercession Impression Christian Group Counseling Tricked The_Creepiest_Singing_in_the_Universe These Afflicted People Realization A_New_Modus_Operandi Medicine A Wicked Hand Occupying Time Medical_Testing Occultation Prose The Day We Die Get My Walking Papers Me_Cat_and_Mouse_Star Escape from Bedlam The Deal is Honored Humiliation_or_Humor Hallucinations Shotgun Wedding Mountain Folks Secondary Benefit or Dignity More Bible Reading The Red Vial The_Purple_Messenger Keep of the Stars Sunshine Says it’s Wrong The_Last_High Seeking New Friends Son of God Test Duress of the Bird They_Talk_to_Me The Serpent Watchers Following a Star Flying Away The_Trucker_and_the_Nutcase Destination Slammer Pokey Life Naked In Jail Exodus Changes Called to Work Signs of Smoke and Fire Missing Rita Grandpa’s Protest The Dream Joint Androgyny Tammy Returns Star_Gnat_Humiliator Be Not Amazed The Roaring Star From Thin Air Ha_Mikvah The Broken Cross Dragon Eyes Do Cats See Dazzled Oblivion On Trial Hair Issues Guitar Issues Covenant with Hell Driving Issues Dream_Raider The City Four Square The Birth of Faith Starry Warfare

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