Praise for the work of Leland Myrick

The Ten

"Graphic novelist turned fantasy author Myrick releases the first installment of a promising trilogy that trails an elite warrior as he adventures through foreign lands, weaves magic and vanquishes his enemies...Myrick_s epic tale features assassins, dark priests, blue demons and an Amazon warrior as it chronicles the lives of more than six core characters. All are uniquely crafted, with intentions to either destroy or save the kingdom. Brief chapters juxtapose longer prose, fueling a high-paced story line that flies from one end of the world to the other. As the author shifts from one point of view to the next, readers slide through a rich mosaic of betrayal, greed, loyalty and honor. Of its manifold strengths, the novel is fluid and full of surprises...As the book draws to a close, the final lines are likely to send shivers up readers_ spines. The author masterfully crafts vivid battle scenes and heart-pounding chases across oceans, over snow-peaked mountains and into city sewers. Neither diehard nor casual fantasy readers will be able to resist this trilogy_s rousing start. An exemplar of storytelling and character-driven adventure." - Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

Feynman, a New York Times #1 Bestseller

"A tour de force...This is the best kind of story for presentation in graphic novel form as the words and pictures work in concert to produce as a whole something more than either can do separately." - Shelf Awareness Pro Starred Review

"These images capture with remarkable sensitivity the essence of Feynman_s character. The comic-book picture somehow comes to life and speaks with the voice of the real Feynman...The Ottaviani-Myrick book is the best example of this genre that I have yet seen." - Freeman Dyson, The New York Review of Books

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