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“This is the time of night we’re most likely to get robbed.”

“What do yeah do?”

“Boss says give em the money. I did that once but the fucker smacked me in the face with his gun for the hell of it.” Mark smiled and clicked his top plate out. “Now I’m down two front teeth... sure the boss paid for the plate but I aint going to be a victim again.”

John joked, “You a train as a ninja or sumthin’?”

“No but I’m ready with this,” Mark turned to open the till and in a fluid sweeping motion he swung a cut down golf club iron from next to the till through the air where a customer’s head would be so quickly it was a blur.

“Fuck... you could kill someone with that.”

“You don’t want to wing someone with a gun.”

“Here show me where it is.” John walked behind the till.

“It’s tucked in right here so you can grab it while opening the till. The robber should focus on the till and you hit em.” Mark repeated his obviously trained swing.

John let out a low whistle, “That’s fast. Let me try.” John took Mark’s place at the till and swung the club awkwardly and slowly compared to Mark’s swing.

“This is no game, if you hit the guy you want him down so don’t go for the top of the head. The top of the head is hard. Hit the side, there is more soft stuff to hit; the ear, the temple, the eye, the jaw, throat. Hit the ear, eye, throat, or jaw and the guy will try to defend it and turn away. Hit the temple or behind the ear, the guy will go down, at least concussed, possibly dead.”

“Man you’ve put some thought into it.”

“Do you really wanna bounce a club off some fucker with a gun’s forehead... think about it. This shit is serious. You only get one chance. Practice.”

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