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Encounter with a Slug Girl

Published by Gregor Daniels at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Gregor Daniels



I swatted the mosquitoes away from my face, flicking them away with my hand, but only to have them return a few seconds more. Up above, the sun trickled through the cavernous canopy of the forest, dancing as a breeze moved through the large leaves and plant life.

"Jack! Amber!" Nothing. No response from my friends. Only the squawking of birds several meters above me replied. Perhaps they were trying to talk to me, maybe to warn me or something. A predator was nearby, or they were telling me which way to go. Either way, their echoes through the dense trees were alarming, at least a hundred in number.

"Fuck," I cursed to myself, pushing past the overgrown brush and carefully stepping over fallen limbs and patches of poison ivy. My uncovered legs were going to suffer through this, if I ever made it back alive, that is.

I took a sip of the canteen, savoring the few drops that I allowed into my mouth. My instinct was to gulp down the entirety of the thing, but I knew better. After I wiped my lips, I set the metal container back onto my pack, feeling the liquid slosh around inside. The effects were getting less and less with each drink, much to my agonizing dread.

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