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Bought and Bound by the Vegas Billionaire

Copyright 2012 By JB Richards

Smashwords Edition

Unlike most casinos that Tara had been in, this one was more subdued. Somehow the din of conversation, chirping from the myriad rows of slot machines and general ambiance was more relaxed - despite having a reputation for being a place where you could find games with high stakes. With a place where an average bet might run more than she made in a year, Tara figured it would be more anxious. Nervous. Instead, the patrons seemed almost bored at times, despite the absurd sums that flashed out of hands in the beat of a heart.

“This,” James said, throwing his arms wide for emphasis, as if he could embrace the entire atmosphere of the casino floor, “is exactly what I was thinking of for our vacation.” The noise of the game room rose in crescendo, as if punctuating his statement.

Tara quirked an eyebrow at him, shaking her head slightly. If her boyfriend wanted to drop his entire life savings in an evening, just to see what it felt to be a ‘high roller’ once in his life, well, that was his choice. It was a stupid choice, but it was his nonetheless. She was only along to watch the ensuing look of utter destruction on his face when he lost it all.

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