Bred by the Alien Tentacles 2

An Alien Pregnancy Impregnation Short Story

By Luna Loupe

Jasmine didn’t know how long she’d been captive for. There was no night and day here, in the soft even light of the cell. There was no obvious source of light, for that matter: it seemed to come from everywhere at once, as if the strange smooth stuff that made up the walls and floor were luminescent.

She'd tried at first to make tally marks in the walls, but the substance was entirely unyielding. Whatever it was that made up her cell was like warm semi-translucent crystal, but sometimes she thought she could see shadows moving through it, at other times there seemed to be a deep slow heartbeat pulsing up through it - whatever it was, it was no ordinary stone.

With the hours melting together indistinguishably the only real way she had of marking the passage of time was the progress of her strange alien pregnancy, and even that was uncertain...

Some time ago - it didn't feel very long, but who knew here? - she had been taken from her bed as she slept, by alien creatures that she had never fully seen. They had deposited her stark naked in this uncomfortably organic cell and violated her again and again, bringing her to heights of pleasure that Jasmine was ashamed to admit to herself, and pumping her full of alien seed until her belly had begun to swell with life.

Now her body had changed in more ways: the little bump on her stomach had swollen until she could no longer see her feet, as if she were about eight months pregnant. Her breasts had grown as well: from their former respectable handfuls they had grown fat and sensitive with milk.

There were differences from what Jasmine would have expected from a normal pregnancy. The time that had passed, indefinite as it was, could not possibly have been enough for her to change in this way. Sometimes she felt whatever life her body was nurturing move within her - not the turning or kicking of a human child but strange squirmings.

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