Ploughshares Into Swords: Survivor Chronicles Book 2

Mike Sutton

Published by Mike Sutton at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Mike Sutton

ISBN: 9781476339719

But war which takes away the easy supply of their daily needs is a rough teacher, which brings most men’s character down to the level of their circumstances. - Thucydides

Jason’s long anticipated rambling was put on hold for a few weeks as spring bloomed around them. There were more important tasks ahead and they came before his exploring.

He had thought that mixing and pouring of the cement to make up the house’s foundation had been a difficult task. And it was. But it didn’t much compare to busting sod all day and then tilling the earth beneath.

The infestation of tall grass, which covered much of the valley floor, was adamant that it did not wish to be moved from where it grew. Even with four strong, young people, steel shovels and the lawn tractor they had liberated from their closest neighbor, making enough garden space to feed themselves, plus any newcomers who might happen along, took three weeks. This included turning the soil and planting the crops.

They had finished the planting when Douglas noticed their next problem. Deer. Deer would eat just about everything they planted if they didn’t take some sort of preventative measures. ‘Preventative measures’ was Douglas’ wordy, long-winded way of saying that they needed to ‘build a fence’. Ralph figured it out almost at once and decided that a split rail fence would serve best considering their resources and distaste for another attempted foray into town. They hadn’t yet forgotten the result of their last.

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