Long Way Down

By Finn Herloce

A Smashwords Edition

Copyright © Finn Herloce 2010
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He had made first contact. He had spotted her, sitting next to a window, staring out of it with the expression of a hurt girl. He had approached her carefully, making sure not to scare her away. The man sitting across from her had eyed him suspiciously from behind his newspaper as he sat down next to her, but didn’t take further notice of him. He made some appropriate small talk, then asked some inappropriate questions. Her boyfriend, correction, ex boyfriend, had phoned her, and had said the magical words “Babe, we need to talk”. She had taken the first train, traveled two hours just to hear him say those other cursed words “Sweety, it’s not you, it’s me!”. She was on her way back home now. Score.

He had promised himself not to do this any more. He could get caught. Although he was of course very clever, the stupid bitch could mess everything up. But she was such an easy target, almost too easy… Never mind that, he just had an eye for this.

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