Marital Fantasies

by Joseph Tea

Published by Joseph Tea at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Joseph Tea

All rights reserved.

Marital Fantasies

"Question 12: What is your steamiest sex fantasy?"

The glass of champagne paused at Ric's lips for a moment as he considered the question, his brain instinctively overriding the damning (albeit honest) response that immediately came to mind; Two beautiful porn stars at the same time. Millennia of hard-wired self-preservation kicked in, as they always did, barely managing to keep the fool alive long enough to procreate.

It was a close thing though, for sure.

Sitting on the opposite end of the couch in her wrinkled work clothes: a blue blouse and black slacks, was Ric's wife, Tori. Her inquisitive brown eyes peered up at him from the Cosmo magazine in her lap and through the top of her wide, rectangular glasses.

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