The God of Good: From Religion to Relationship

Ian Ewell

Copyright 2012 by Ian Ewell

Smashwords Edition


ACT 1 - The Birth of Disbelief

ACT 2 - The False Precipice

ACT 3 - The God of Good

ACT 4 - The Truth of Self Examination

ACT 5 - From Religion to Relationship

ACT 6 - The Birth of Truth


There comes a time in the life of a man or woman, when the belief in their particular religious creed begins to waiver. Though commonly regarded as folly or weakness in the one experiencing doubt, it is not a time of weakness or despair, but a call from God, a challenge of truth, inviting the individual to remove their selfish understanding and to embrace a higher goodness, a brighter path, and more joyous belief.

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