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When disbelief overtakes the individual, many mistakenly choose to lose faith in their God, foolishly marrying deity with the belief they cast away. However, those with earnest effort, which seek real answers with patience and honesty, will find a higher truth, one that brings peace to all individuals and ties the world to a loving God.

This short work, composed of acts, follows that experienced by the common man of doubt. My intention is not to replace or disrupt the believer of any specific creed, only to give hope to those whose hearts have stopped beating for the religion they profess, and that it goes out freely, to change the life of an individual, to believe in love.

ACT 1: The Birth of Disbelief

The disbelief an individual experiences is commonly born from the conflict between some aspect of their religion and what the individual values in their heart. For example, if the individual believes that God loves all men despite their race or color and their religion practices that men and woman from certain ethnicities cannot be members, it causes a conflict in the heart of the individual, as to whether their religion is true to God, or to goodness. This conflict can arise from many aspects of the believer’s religion, such as its history, practices, or actions of its individual members.

Despite the reason for this conflict, the individual experiencing disbelief will commonly find they practice a number of erroneous actions in order to dispel the displeasure born from the conflict. These erroneous actions in their varied forms normally fall under three distinct categories.

1-To ignore the issue or set it aside as something you cannot or do not have the ability to answer.

2-To preserve in religious belief often by denying a personal ability to comprehend the truth until it is revealed by the “God of their religion” or by manipulating a truth to fit the mold of personal belief.

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