Chapter One

"Saul has begun to win the witch over to our side," Morgan declared.

The Sovereign sat upon his golden throne with his legs crossed while she sat at his feet. The torch light flickering gave the room an eerie atmosphere that would have made anyone wary to step inside. However, since the two people in the room were the likely causes the eeriness didn't seem to bother them.

"I suppose I should be grateful," the Sovereign muttered, "but I am not."

He stood up and narrowed his eyes at Morgan. "I am not grateful that I should have to stoop so low as to win this scrawny witch's loyalty."

"However," he added in an exasperated drawl. "Once you made the prediction that a witch would be my downfall I figured I had to do something."

He slowly walked down the steps descending from his throne. "I had hoped that by proving the witches's treachery and condemning them to death I would have been able to kill two birds with one stone. The witches were beginning to grow too powerful and too numerous anyway. Yes, their powers are basically their energy and to use too much would kill them but they were multiplying like damned rats. One rat is no problem, but millions of rats with powers over all the elements with the ability to predicate our every move. No. No, there was no way in hell I could ignore such an infestation. I had just recently taken the throne so I could not jeopardize it. I had to do something to handle the witches threat and exposing them as traitors definitely did that. I mean not only did it give me a legitimate reason to kill them and keep my hands clean; it also helped to cement my alliances with the fellow hidden leaders. Not to mention give them a reason to fear my anger for the next century. I mean if I can wipe one entire faction of the hidden race from the face of this earth, what's to stop me from doing it again hmm? So by saying the witches betrayed us and eradicating them set me up as their hero but at the same as a man not to be trifled with."

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