This book is dedicated to my

Children and my Husband.

Though Words can't convey my Love.


Many thanks to...

My Creator, who made me curious. My Husband, Who loves me for all my craziness. My Daughter, Who paints my world with her colorful soul. My Son, Who inspires me with his wonder and smile. My Siblings who I love each and every one. An Extra special thanks goes to the Sister, who motivated me every day to finish, and dusted me off when I needed it...and bugged me constantly to keep going. I hope you know how much I appreciated your 'pestering'! My Parent's for having me...My In Laws for accepting me as their own. To all those who loved me, when I was unlovable. The rest of my Family and Friends. The Writers who took time from their own projects, to help me with mine selflessly. Those of you reading this now, sharing my world...Without You this book wouldn't have been possible.

Special thanks to...

Beckey Langley for being the most fabulously supportive, constructive, 'red pen' toting, editor ever! You made me laugh, taught me about myself

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