At His Discretion

Marc Cabot

Copyright Marc Cabot 2012

Published by Unspeakable Publications at Smashwords

Prologue: Pre-Trial Review

Doctor Adrian Parker had been waiting a long time for this. “Willpower,” he whispered to himself. “It’s all about willpower.” As he finished double-checking the complex chemical calculations filling his computer screen, he smiled to himself. Normally, Doctor Parker’s face was pleasant enough, but the smile was... disquieting. Hungry. He leaned his chin into his hand contemplatively, still smiling that strange smile.

He had been working for Proxidine Pharmaceuticals for five years, since finishing his PhD. in biochemistry. He specialized in neurochemistry, and was working in the weight-control division. Never mind curing cancer - the real money was in making people more attractive. Or at least getting them to give it to you in hopes they would become so. Adrian wouldn’t have minded coming up with a more effective appetite suppressant, but it wasn’t actually very high on his list of priorities.

No, he had had a different goal in mind for several years now. In the field of “lifestyle improvement” drugs, basic research got a lot more money and a lot more slack, and the “publish or perish” mentality of academia was totally absent. Look promising, occasionally toss out a stereo-isomer to increase the efficiency or extend the patent of an already-approved drug, and you could basically do whatever you wanted with nobody really watching all that closely. Which was good, because what Adrian wanted was not something he could accomplish with anybody watching closely.

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