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In Confidence

Lessons in Bold Living


© 2015 Betsy Talbot

Smashwords Edition

This collection is dedicated to confident women everywhere.

You walk into a room and everyone glances up in anticipation. Yes, they are waiting for you.

You open your mouth and ears perk up, bodies lean forward, and notes are taken. They want to hear what you say.

You laugh and the tension in the room dissipates. Your mood is contagious.

You speak from your heart, and other hearts are opened. You can motivate others.

You condemn an injustice, and light shines on something otherwise hidden. You inspire change.

You are the leaders, thinkers, artists, teachers and healers of today, and you mold the leaders, thinkers, artists, teachers, and healers of tomorrow. You are half of the creation machine of the entire human species.

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