Blow On A Trumpet Drunk Until You Throw Up Your Breakfast

By Darryl Harrison

Copyright 2012, 2015 Darryl Harrison

Smashwords Edition

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Table Of Contents

A Wild Sunday

Where’s Melvin?

Incident at Watts Meat Market

About the author

A Wild Sunday

Mr. Dayha Lamont would be a fierce-looking black dude. He sat in Elfar’s tavern, sipping his seventh Corona. He appeared to be miserable. He had been pulled over for a broken taillight, a youthful girl had kissing him. The cops smelled marijuana and beer on his breath. They checked the vehicle and discovered a bag of weed. Once the dude got out of jail, he was initially terminated from his busboy job.

He had been hanging around in the tavern for his buddy Melvin Hernandez. He spoke with Elfar regarding a job right here. Elfar appeared to be a moron, not because he had been half-black and Spanish, due to the fact, he was on that dope and the man kept getting people’s cocktails mixed-up. The slime-breath appreciated crack cocaine and also Amanita Muscaria. He'd this real funny donkey on stage telling very cool jokes and passing gas all the time. He'd a massive container of Cobra beer on stage. So when he got thirst he’d guzzle. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Mr. Lamont believed the donkey was very funny and was getting drunk. The donkey kept burping and passing gas. The last part of the act was the donkey smoking dope and he began reciting Shakespeare beautifully.

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