If I Only Had A Brain


Marvin K. Perkins

A Smashwords Editions

Published by Smashwords.

Copyright 2012 by Marvin K. Perkins

If I Only Had a Brain

The sun rose on another beautiful day in La La land, through a heavy cloud of smog, thick enough to cut with a butter knife. I grabbed the alarm clock that blared its arrival from the night stand and hurled it across the room. The pieces fell on the floor, I laughed manically, turned over and went back to sleep. "The hell with going to work today. I might not even go tomorrow."

I finally drug my severely hungover ass out of bed around noon, feeling like ten miles of bad road and looking. worst. I decided a shower was in order, having not felt the need for one for the past two days. I stripped off my stained briefs, grabbed the cleanest dirty towel I could find and stepped into the shower, turned it on. Nothing. I turned it off and on, no water. Then I remembered, I forgot to pay the water bill. The truth was I couldn't pay the bill, no money. Guess I should've went to work after all. Oh, what the hell.

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