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“Did you call the Army?” Dan asked. He was awake now and went to his window to look outside. Sure enough, there the asteroid was – Dan could already see it in the sky!

“Yes.” Harry explained. “But they said that they had already tried to shoot it down and it's just too big!”

Dan though for a moment and then said, “Harry! I have an idea! Call NASA and get me two rocket boosters, a space suit, and a parachute! Then meet me at the school! Oh and bring some tools!”

“Sure Dan.” Harry said and then he quickly went to NASA to get the things that Dan needed.

A little while later, when Harry had collected all that Dan needed, He met him at the school. Dan was in the playground taking apart the slides.

“Harry! Come help me will ya?” Dan asked. “We need to connect all of these slides together.”

Harry put the rockets, space suit and parachute on the grass and hurried over to help Dan. They quickly took apart all the slides and connected them together to form a gigantic motorcycle ramp. Next Dan and Harry connected the rocket boosters to the sides of Dan's dirt bike. In the sky the asteroid loomed bright like a second moon!

“We're almost out of time!” Harry said as he looked at the big asteroid falling toward them.

Dan quickly put the space suit on, followed by the parachute and then he climbed onto the dirt bike. Dan gave Harry a quick salute and kicked the engine to life. It started with a bang and crackled as he twisted the throttle. Dr. Dan lined up with the ramp and revved up the engine. He released the clutch and sent the back tire spinning. He was off! Faster and faster he rode as he quickly ran through the gears. Then, as soon as his front tire touched the ramp he lit the rockets. They roared into life with long red flames that shot Dr. Dan up, up and up! He rocketed past the clouds, past the atmosphere and into space straight toward the asteroid!

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