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Jake’s Cave


Linda Jordan

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~Jake's Cave

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Jake’s Cave

Jake slowed the airbike to get his bearings. Flattop to his left and just ahead lay the Goblin Mountains, named by a couple of drunken cartographers. He stopped the bike, landing gently in the sandy valley.

His goggles told him that the Humping Horses Mountains should be on his right, and beneath that, the cave system he was looking for. But all he could see was a large pitted rock which looked more like a brontosaurus and it was only slightly larger than his room at the Institute. Definitely not a mountain.

The wind kicked up and hit him with a mixture of sand and sanshay. He’d only been on Paradiso for a couple of days and still wasn’t used to smelling sanshay all the time. Strange to have what was an expensive drug on Earth, simply floating through the air. It was a distraction.

He tried to figure out where the hell the caves were.

He looked at the wristband. No reception out here. When he got back everyone would hassle him, again, about not having a gilt. On Earth it was a status symbol to go without one. Out here at the edges of the galaxy, apparently, you were crazy not to have one. Still he didn’t want a piece of metal wrapped around his head and all sorts of stuff implanted into his brain. He liked his brain just the way it was. Without the constant noise.

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