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THE BEAST WITHIN: A Sci-fi Short Story

By Elysa Hendricks

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Elysa Hendricks

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Cover by Elysa Hendricks

Amy Starr knew asteroid mining was dangerous. One small error could kill you. But her desire for the stars outweighed common sense and fear. Now trapped in her disabled ship far from the chance of rescue she has two choices: a lingering half-life filled with pain and disfigurement or a quick merciful death.

Which would you chose?


Amy Starr checked the emergency supplies in her lifepod for the tenth time in as many minutes. The numbers didn't change. Food and water would last fourteen days. Just long enough to institute cold sleep protocol.

It didn't matter. In two days she would be dead. The explosion that destroyed her ship also ruptured her oxygen-recycling unit. Only her two suit tanks, each holding twenty-four hours' worth of air, remained. Forty-seven hours of life. Not long enough.

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