Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2012

Edited by Jeremy Zimmerman and Dawn Vogel

Cover Illustration by Andi Pace

Cover Layout by Katie Nyborg

Copyright 2012 Jeremy Zimmerman, except where noted

Smashwords Edition

"The Dissection of Marcus Wade" is Copyright 2012 Kathryn Board.

"The Barrier" is Copyright 2012 James Ford.

"The Ghosts of Ganymede" is Copyright 2012 Suzanne van Rooyen.

"Proton Pursuit" is Copyright 2012 D.K. Snape.

"The Exploded Manifestations of Ari Ascher" is Copyright 2012 Nathaniel K. Miller.

"Our Crystal Sky Is Cracking" is Copyright 2012 Rosemary Jones.

"Losing It" is Copyright 2012 Davin Ireland.

"Therium 99" and "Wanted: Lab Rat Assistant" are Copyright 2012 Mark Andrew Edwards

"The Natural History of Carnivorism in Unicorns", "LKYYD BOFFLE MARDEN", "BEAT THE ICK WITH PARADOX SALVE", and "QUALITY LAB ASSISTANCE" are Copyright 2012 Torrey Podmajersky.

"An Arcane Methodology to Reach a Perfect World" is Copyright 2012 Jetse de Vries.

"Who's Yer Mummy" is Copyright 2012 Mike Bryant.

"Encore" is Copyright 2012 Thomas Canfield.

"An Experimental Excursion in Artificially Amplifying Armoured Animalia" is Copyright 2012 Jimmy Grist.

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