The Scavenger Hunt

By David Williams

Published by David Williams at Smash Words

Copyright 2012 David Williams

Smash Words Edition, License Notes

It was dark when Sam awoke. He lay on the floor with a splitting headache and extreme nausea. He couldn’t remember where he was for the moment but as the minutes ticked by his memory returned. As he struggled to his feet he suddenly felt a throbbing pain on the side of his head. He felt very ill and he turned on a light and made his way to the bathroom. He walked straight to the sink and turned the tap on and began to splash water in his face, and at that moment he saw his face in the mirror. There was what looked like an egg shaped wound just near his temple that was red and throbbing. He splashed it with water trying to stop it aching. Of course! The fat man must have slipped something into his drink, and then that little weasel the fat man called his assistant kicked him in the head. It was all coming back to him now.

He looked at his watch, deliberating his next move.

Suddenly the phone rang and he picked it up. “ Hello.” Sam said.

At the same moment his communicator beeped.

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