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More Reviews of We’ve Been Had

We’ve Been Had is an American wake-up call. James R. Keena has laid out, in exquisite detail, an encyclopedic one-stop-shopping resource manual. His book shines a brilliant light on the Chicago-mob-meets-international-Marxist-regime that is systematically dismantling our constitutionally driven Republic. Get this book, read it, learn from it, know what you don’t know…we’ve been had!

Thayrone X, Host of radio’s ‘On the Edge with Thayrone

Keena has provided readers with an exhaustive compendium of the documented facts of Obama’s Marxist education, training, and personal associations with radicals. We’ve Been Had should be read by everyone in the U.S. who has the legal right to vote. At this stage in history, voters cannot afford to be ignorant. This book should be required reading for every high school senior, and all college students, in the U.S. to ensure they are exposed to a balanced knowledge of Obama and his real political philosophy.

Dr. Gene Lebrenz, Emeritus Professor of Economics, and Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, at Florida Southern College

“James Keena has done a superb job of reconstructing Barack Obama’s carefully obscured past and documenting his network of radical connections. The result is an unsettling, detailed portrait of the first anti-American President.”

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