Tessa's in the middle of the strangest, sexiest dream she's ever had, stuck on a private plane with handsome and dominant celebrity billionaire Asher Sanderson. She's willing to serve his every desire in the safety of her own mind, but as things escalate she realizes the dream is real and she's in big trouble.

Someone else's lying and cheating brought them together, but a blistering attraction and natural rapport offers a chance for something great to come from it. Once she and Asher realize what's really happened, he gives her a choice to make: go home and let him get even with those who tricked them both, or stay in this island paradise and see where their attraction might lead.

While she's out of her depth and scared of what his kinks might entail, Tessa spends more time with Asher and sees more of his sexy, confusing personality. She ends up surprisingly tempted to find out if being owned by the billionaire could be the wild erotic adventure of a lifetime.

Owned by the Billionaire

By Chloe Sharp


Copyright© 2012 by Chloe Sharp


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter One

"Greg, I'm tired. I just got ready for bed. Can we talk later?" I could hear the whine in my voice and hated it. One of the reasons I'd broken up with him in the first place was his ability to turn me into a person I didn't like. And he was still doing it.

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