All characters are the product of my imagination and are not based on real people. Any resemblance to real people or places is purely coincidental.


With thanks to my wonderful family, especially my husband Tony who goes to bed alone so many nights while I stay up to write my books. His patience is boundless, and his love has kept me going all these years.

Thanks also to my fans and my fellow authors who keep me on my toes and pushing forwards.

As always, thanks to Ade Ratna for the awesome cover and to

my beta readers Andrea and Trisha.




It worked. Hot damn! It actually worked. After five years of research, she--Super Geek Keara Dane--had created a love potion that did everything she’d dreamed it would do--if the look on her young assistant’s face was any indication, that is. Gill West looked like a dog getting his first taste of steak. And she was that steak. Medium rare.

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