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A Veteran’s Victory


M. Kari Barr

Copyright 2012 M. Kari Barr

Smashwords Edition

She had grown up in that town, lived there her entire seventeen years of existence too. Not much changed in all those years, the Piggly-Wiggly closed after Wal-Mart opened up. The little shops on Main Street changed hands every five years, but the new stuff was just as uninteresting as the old stuff.

Then the government had decided their town was the perfect place to spend some of their "stimulus" money. Said it would get more money into the hands of the people.

Esmeralda Lavinia Cooper sat on her porch all June and half of July- watching the workers dig up the side of the road and the first few feet of her yard, and all of her neighbors yards as well. It was announced that they would be getting a sidewalk.

Murry, as she preferred to be called, thought it an idiotic thing to be doing, but at least it was different from watching the snotty Robeson kids across the road wrestling and carrying on.

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