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Survivor Chronicles 4: Flower of Fire

The Mighty Mahmud, the victorious Lord,

That all the misbelieving black Horde

Of Fears and Sorrows that infest the Soul

Scatters and slays with his enchanted Sword.

- Omar Khayyam

Her first mission.

There was something of the expected nervousness - butterflies roaming about her stomach. Lucia was the victim of a persistent buzzing fear that returned to fluster her at the oddest moments. After what felt like years of training, most of the time spent learning how to ride that damned motorcycle, she never even had so much as sat upon a motorcycle before, she had finally been given clearance to go out and find some excitement. Lucia’s only disappointment was that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the city and head north to get some action with the other scouts. That and she wouldn’t be going out solo. She would be saddled with the rest of the squad, patrolling the empty streets of the reasonably tamed city.

Lucia, Steven and the rest of her squad had desperately yearned to accompany Marcel and his expeditionary force up north. They wanted to take part in running down the savages who had raided their outpost and dragged their friends off into the night.

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