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In Defense of Advertising

". . . a unique, well-crafted, and timely book defending the existence of advertising to its many and varied critics. . . . If you buy Rand, you must clearly buy Kirkpatrick's dismantling of the critics. . . . well worth the read for any academic, practitioner, or researcher interested in advertising, the philosophy of science, marketing's background in economic exchange, or simply for its fine writing."

--Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Spring 1995


"Congratulations on producing an interesting and passionate defense of advertising. . . . Well done."

--Shelby D. Hunt, Jerry S. Rawls and P. W. Horn Professor of Marketing, Texas Tech University, March 1995


"The author combines his knowledge of marketing with Randian philosophy and Misesian economics to create a truly powerful and compelling case for advertising. The general reader will benefit from the author's ability to distill the criticisms of advertising and his responses to them to their most fundamental form while the specialist in marketing, economics, and philosophy will gain a working knowledge of the other disciplines as they relate to advertising."

--The Freeman, June 1995


"Kirkpatrick presents a compelling defense of advertising as an institution in this intellectually challenging book. . . . His analysis combining reason, ethical egoism, and laissez-faire capitalism is solid. . . . an important advancement in the theory of advertising and its relationship to society."

--Journal of Consumer Affairs, Summer 1995


" . . . a highly sophisticated theoretical thesis . . . . [This defense] stimulates the reader to reflect on many social, economic, and moral issues."

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