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A conversation with God

Unlocking the truth

By Neha

Copyright 2012 Neha

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You are a soul & Your Father is Supreme Soul. Now He has come on Earth-To destroy this old age & to lay the foundation of a new Golden age.”

“This lesson is very easy. Keep on spreading this message. This is the simplest way to get the Kingdom of the new age” He said & everyone listened to what he said carefully with Love.

I never thought that I would be in a meditation class. But there I was. Still, I was glad that I chose this centre for my classes. It was so different. It felt like a family. I could spend a whole day here & would never get bored.

I always felt blessed because I had all the things I wanted.Career, caring family, Loving partner, Friends to spend time with.

Today, when I am sitting on a stool outside the Meditation centre in front of a Park. I see where I was a few days before. I see what I was missing in my life. A spiritual corner. That was all left to be achieved in my Life and now here I am .Accomplishing this important target of my life.

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