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The Millionaire And The Librarian (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)

By J. S. Scott

Copyright© 2012 by J.S. Scott

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Tory Price locked the front door of the library with a long, contented sigh. Today was Friday, her favorite day of the week. She had just finished seeing all of children out the front door after “story time.” Tory was the “story lady” and there was nothing she loved more than taking the children to magical places through books and literature. She was currently making her way through The Wizard of Oz, one of her own favorites when she was a child.

She went to straighten up the story area, breathing in what she considered the smell of books as she made her way through the library.

Tory loved her job as a librarian. It had been a pretty logical career choice considering her passion for the written word. Books were her first love and at the moment…her only love. There was nothing better than curling up on the couch and getting taken away to another world where anything was possible.

Her mother worried that, Tory was too introverted, lived too much of her life through books. She had to admit that there might be some truth in her mom’s beliefs. Unfortunately, Tory had never found anything that she enjoyed more than reading. If she was engaging in some sort of escapism, then, so be it. It had gotten her through what could have been a miserable childhood; she’d been painfully shy and awkward. As an adult, she did it because she found the world of fiction a hell of a lot more exciting than reality television.

She stretched as she stood up from re-arranging pint-sized chairs. As she turned to collect her belongings, dreaming of a bath and a good book, she caught a flash of black that stood out on a tiny, white table in the reading room.

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