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Murphy’s Fury

A Fury Girl Chronicle

Shannon Tripp

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Aug2012 Shannon Tripp

This book is a work of fiction

The characters are productions

of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

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Murphy’s Fury

The shimmering portal closed on her heels and Jasmine sighed with happiness. She was home again after another successful assignment. She felt the tingle of her magic as it melted from her skin and she looked down, grinning at what she saw. She was back in her blond bombshell body with the curves in all the right places. They only thing that hadn’t changed was the Fury trademark: bright blue eyes. She twirled in place, enjoying the feeling of standing up on two feet. I hope that’s the last assignment I have where I’m stuck in a cat suit, she thought as she struck a pose.

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