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By Jacqueline Walley and Stephen K. Haber

Copyright 2012 Jacqueline Walley and Stephen K. Haber

Smashwords Edition


Duet, at twenty-two, who had such long dark lashes and flashing eyes she could have been in a harem, was standing up at the powerful mahogany and gold Copley Plaza bar. She ordered an old fashioned, while deftly scooping up peanuts still in their brown casings. She had just finished work at a real estate finance company which had only today promoted her from secretary to writer of investor reports. She wasn’t manager of Investor Relations yet but she could see the masts of that ship on the horizon. I’m on my way, she thought. That is why, when she had started walking home, down Boylston Street, she didn’t feel like going to her nun-like studio in the South End of Boston. It was fun going to a bar because men always stared at and flirted with her. She felt alive, desired, exotic. She had a face that men liked, a way about her both feminine and challenging.

As always, a man bought her a drink and came and stood next to her. He was tall, expensively dressed, and had lots of thick dark hair that no doubt his mother had not been able to keep her hands out of. He was, apparently, just in from Luxembourg to attend a banking conference. No, she didn’t know Luxembourg was a tax haven, she responded, but wasn’t it where the EU was formed?

She liked his intensity, his way of smiling when she spoke and she had to admit she somewhat liked that he was from out of town.

He told her she was beautiful, one of the many preludes to a seduction, and they spoke of Truffaut, Claude Lelouche and Philip Noyce; they spoke of books that were successful on both continents (neither had read the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons – grounds for marriage, she posited), the Europeaness of Boston, and he spoke of industry coming up in Luxembourg. They spoke very little of themselves. Clearly, they were both taking a break from the limitations of their own lives; in other words, this could be a seemly one night stand for both of them. She just had to decide whether she wanted to.

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