Rael, who happened to be an alpha draft creation of a B’Daus genetech company called Wave of the Future, and one of the focal points of the ongoing litigious drama involving that company, Cogniscent Rights, and all surviving Faiize... was also well aware of the news and in no mood for someone with no ability to fix the problem getting in his face. Or personal space. Or the same room. Or, for that matter, the same air.

After the first few physical violence inhibitions, Lyr made it her business to patrol wherever Rael was working on a Foursday and try her best to intercept Toq’tik before there was trouble.

This Foursday, one of the days where she hadn’t got the direction right, Lyr was helping Rael walk it off when they were interrupted by a dog.

Hello, friend,” said the dog. “Boy lost. You help?”

Lyr winced and gripped Rael’s arm tighter. One of the unfortunate side-effects of knowing an engineered life form was occasionally running into other ELF’s who were not created to be very intelligent at all.

Many owners Uplifted their pets by creating them to be able to talk and do small tasks for themselves. Many owners also dressed their pets out of lingering surrogate issues.

This dog’s owner had done both.

The canine’s front paws had been altered to be near-hands. Enough to give him a grip, but not enough to stop him walking on them. His muzzle was shortened and his teeth changed just enough to give him the power of speech.

In addition to the harness attached to a trailing trolley/cart, the dog wore spacious culottes that allowed for his ever-wagging tail, a short, purely decorative vest and a pillbox hat. The entire ensemble put her in mind of the ancient hotel bellhops or performing monkeys. Each garment was a dark red, edged in yellow.

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