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The Angelic Chronicles: Requiem of Jariel

The Angelic Chronicles

Requiem of Jariel

Kevin Dellinger

Copyright 2012 by Kevin Dellinger

Smashwords Edition


Much of my life, I have always felt disconnected to the resonance of planet Earth. I never comprehended evil. Throughout my incarnation here, I discovered the negativity of Humans that live here. I have also discovered love that Humans share. In a world of duality, it seems that there is much self serving that dwells among us. I have never related to much of the lower density energies that still roam the planet Earth to this day.

Through self discovery I have learned that I am connected to a much higher source. I felt compelled to write this book to express this energy within me. Going within, I have found more answers than from external sources here. My Angelic connection is very relevant to this book. This book is fiction. However, it is up to the reader to determine the many truths that may be hidden within the content.

I have always been fascinated with Angels since I was very young. I have many past life memories that do validate some of what I have discovered for myself. I have used this book to help me connect to the higher self. Going beyond this density within myself I have rediscovered my place in Heaven.

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