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Eleven Tools for Manhood

by: Michael Vincent Whitemiller

dedicated in loving memory to my cousin James Hand, a man

Eleven Tools for Manhood is an instruction manual for men on how to structure life with “conceptual” tools. Eleven Tools for Manhood provides tools to men on how to design a life that is purposeful and powerful. Reading about and living these tools will cause men to have a substantially more positive influence in the world, in community, on family. When men live the tools described in this book they will become better men. You will.

It is each individual man’s job to work: to get up each morning, and to kick ass. Your willingness to work is fundamental to living a powerful and purposeful life. Doing the work is easy and simple once the willingness is there. Reading this book will give you that willingness. It will. This book will give a man tools to support him in achieving a meaningful life filled with vision, purpose, and fun. These eleven tools will give men a structural framework from which to design a life they couldn’t have even imagined, yet one that will rise far beyond their wildest dreams. “Eleven Tools” were written for you.

But men rarely get good instruction on how to live life and how to forge will. This book will give you those instructions. These tools are not religion-based, and apply to all men.

Since few men actually get concrete tools to design their life, men often search in vain for how to be. Living these eleven tools you will give you a way to be, with yourself, and with others. These tools will give you the necessary ingredients to structuring your time/energy in ways that allow you to put into practice all of your personal ideals.

Men need instruction on how to live. Men need to be taught by other men how to be quality men. Most men look to their fathers, their religion, or men in their community, as models of behavior. These tools give men an additional place to look for instruction.

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