by Stephen Goldin

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The tale is told of Jafar al-Sharif, master storyteller, who was forced to impersonate a wizard to save his life. When the curse of a true wizard, Akar, caused Jafar’s beautiful teenage daughter Selima to become intangible and to fade gradually from the world of the living, father and daughter traveled to the oasis of Sarafiq to seek the wisdom of the prophet Muhmad. They were assisted on this journey by Cari, a young female member of the Righteous Jann—lowest level of the ranks of the djinni—who is slave to the magical ring Jafar stole from the wizard Akar.

At Sarafiq they met up with Prince Ahmad and Umar bin Ibrahim, the prince and high priest of the holy city of Ravan, exiled from their home by a treacherous plot to usurp Ahmad’s throne. The prophet Muhmad informed both groups that they had a common destiny—to unite the four lost pieces of the Crystal of Oromasd and defeat the insurgent forces of the dark god Rimahn. The prince and the priest believed Jafar was the wizard he pretended to be, and Jafar deemed it wise not to enlighten them.

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