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Sarah Elizabeth

Copyright © 2012 Sarah Elizabeth

Cover Art by Muffet

Smashwords Edition




Feeling the warm sand give way under my feet as I bring our drinks back to the secluded spot we found a few days ago, I am grateful once again that we could get away for a week.  Just us, no distractions.


As I round the tall trees, a smile plays at my lips and…you’re not there.  I look up to make sure I haven’t taken the wrong path, but no, there are the palms you showed me this morning and between them I can see our villa off in the distance.  Sometimes, even now, I ache a little when I can’t find you.  It reminds me of years ago, when we weren’t together like we’re together now, when we had to rely on phone calls and computer dates rather than a call out to the other room.  When I had to wait weeks to touch you instead of minutes.


Is one of those for me?”


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