In the year 3000B.H. the Darinvians gathered at the Somso Super Raceway for the monthly 606 lap race thru and around the city of Pouf on the planet of Parscan. The Darinvians were a race of orange and black skinned warlords who ruled over 7 planets and 30 large moons in the Coulez system.

In the recent years squabbles had sparked a large and bloody war between the Darinvians, Goep and the Yesic holy council which dictated all spiritual matters in the Coulez system. The Darinvians were led by Dr. Famaron Venge a 6’5” 260 pound mountain of terror. He had dark red straight hair that was cut into 3 triangles with the largest being on top of his head and each triangle of hair was tied into a flower design. He had a thick blonde handle bar mustache, which had Semsem beads attached at the tips.

Semsem beads released a soothing light blue smoke that kept the mind relaxed and euphoric.

His eyes told the story, they were blonde in color and had tiny blue triangles littered throughout them. His nose was prominent and pointy and he had flaring nostrils that made him appear to be on the verge of violence. He always wore his triangle shaped lightly tinted green sunglasses with gold frames that had the Plalo crest on the front.

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