By David Bruce

Be excellent to each other.


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Good Job, Mom”

In July 2012, Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Cade Brenchley got an emergency call. A mother was in labor on the side of a highway, 75 miles from the nearest hospital. The couple, who want to be anonymous, are from Wendover, Utah, and they had been trying to make it to a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, but they had run out of time. Mr. Brenchley said, “I came upon them and there they were by themselves in a little Honda Accord. I walked up, and she was in the front passenger seat and had one baby in her arms wrapped up in a towel.” The baby was a boy; his umbilical cord had been tied off with a shoelace. The mother said, “My water just broke on the other one!” Mr. Brenchley said, “You have another one ready to come out? I’m going to get my first-aid kit.” He added, “The mother was a real trooper—for lack of a better word—for holding on to this baby and then getting ready to have the second one.” The mother said, “Something is coming out!” Just 10 minutes after Mr. Brenchley had arrived, the second baby—a girl—was born. He said, “It just came right out and I had my gloves on and caught the baby and checked the airway with my pinky finger.” He added, “I kind of held her up face-down, and a little breeze came in the door and her arms went like this [raising his arms] and she let out a good healthy cry.” After the mother gave birth, he told her, “Good job, mom.” Mr. Brenchley is a father of four, and he has been present each time his wife has given birth. He said, “It’s a little bit different emotion, obviously, when they’re your own children versus somebody else’s, but it’s still a neat experience helping bring a child into this world.” The babies, Miguel and Jocelyn, are doing well. (1)

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