She tugged open the old thick-steeled refrigerator and pulled out a soda, pressing the can to the side of her face as she wandered to the tiny living room. David sat on the couch likely older than she was, wearing a pair of long shorts and nothing else, feet kicked up onto the table, eyes glued to a book. Karen dropped into a plush chair to one side, rocking back and relishing the cold can against her flesh. How could it already be so hot this early in the day? she thought, rubbing the can against her neck.

“Did your dad already leave?” she asked. David peered at her above the top of the novel. He was everything his father was, only younger and sleek. The same sand-colored hair crested his head, with the same eyes and strong jaw. His upper body was all hard muscle, toned and perfectly defined, his abs a six-pack that you rarely saw outside of magazine ads. He smiled up at her, though his eyes tugged down her by for a quick moment before he responded.

Did he just check me out? Karen wondered. She spun the can across her forehead, thanking the condensation for a few moments of relief, chewing her lip in thought. She’d married Gary a decade before, when David was only ten. The boy had grown into a young man, though she wasn’t sure why he’d bothered to come on the traditional family vacation. He was old enough to forge his own way in life - why bother to sit in the dinky cottage while his father was absent every day? Each year it was the same thing - an excuse for Gary to flee the family and fish. She watched her step-son, his body already glistening with sweat from the sweltering summer air. Something stirred within her, something she’d long though dormant. It had been a long time since Gary had looked at her, even in passing. Far too long since they’d been intimate, since she’d known the touch of a man.

“Before the sun, as always,” David said with a knowing, bitter laugh. He’s just as bothered as I am, she realized.

“Weren’t we supposed to have a family day?”

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