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She is cooking breakfast, and puts the eggs she just cooked on a plate. She set the pan on the stove, as she shuts the stove off. Toast pops up, and she grabs it.

“Faydra!, breakfast is ready!,” she yelled, as she buttered the toast.

“Mom!, have you seen my backpack!?,” she yelled back from the upstairs bathroom, Faydra is a beautiful fifteen year old girl.

“Did you check in your room by your bed where you left it!?.”

Faydra ran down stairs to her room, which was behind the stairs. And there her backpack sat, just as her mother had said it would be.

She grabbed it, then ran back to the kitchen. She sat at the table, as her mother set the plate down in front of her, with a glass of orange juice.

She dropped her backpack by her side.

“We have a new teacher,” she picked an egg up with her fingers, and ate it.

“Uh huh, use your fork Fay,” she shook her head a little, as she smiled and walked back over to the stove and began to clean up.

“She’s Gujarati, and she is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!.”

“Uh huh,” she continued to clean, Faydra picked her fork up and played with an egg with it.

“She’s our poetry teacher and she’s so nice, she just moved here from India, and I just love her accent,” she poked an egg with her fork, then ate it.

“That’s nice, oh I almost forgot!, Mrs.Barns will be picking you up after school.”

“How come?.”

“We have a new boarder coming in.”

“Oh,” she said acting a little funny, but her mother didn’t notice. As she finished cleaning, then walked over to her.

“And I want to be here when she arrives.”

A van horn sounded off, and Faydra dropped her fork and jumped up. She grabbed her toast, and ran for the door.

“Hey!, forgetting something?.” she held her backpack out Faydra stopped and smiled, as she ran over and grabbed it. She began to run back, but stopped again and ran back and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks!,” she ran out the door, as her mother shook her head and smiled and followed. She waved to Abbey, Faydra’s best friend. She was standing outside their van, the sliding door was open.

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