Last Day In Leda

Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

A Bulays and Ghaavn Adventure

The Karshi Imperative Part 7


The Northhound was en route to a rendezvous with the Slave Ship of Space. Buck was at the helm, with Bulays sitting next to her. Emar was dozing in the passenger compartment.

"She said she needs her rest. That teleport trick apparently uses a lot of energy."

"I can imagine," Buck said. "Has to be better than being retrieved in a forcefield bubble, though."

Bulays grimaced at the memory. "Definitely."

"We'll be there shortly," Buck said. "You might like to let Her Majesty know."

Bulays levered herself out of the seat next to the pilot, giving the space ace a taste of her own arse flashing medicine into the bargain. Buck chuckled. "I'll give that a 6.5."

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