Kevin Carneglia

Chapter One

“This is the last time I’m telling you, young lady, you’re not leaving the house in that body!”

Maureen Burns stared her 14-year-old daughter down from behind the kitchen table, sipping her usual cup of Earthbucks Coffee. Centara, her daughter, had apparently chosen to take the form of the easiest girl in the moon colony before going to school that morning.

The particular body Centara occupied was about 5’4”, with elegant jet black hair and milky white skin stretched over a sculpted form. Centara’s older brother, Arlen, eyed his sister’s heels from the table while he downed his last piece of toast. Though only 16, Arlen felt a primal need to look out for his baby sister, even if the way he did it wasn’t always the most kind. “Seriously? Madbad, sis.”

“Go upstairs and change, young lady.” Centara rolled her eyes and stormed upstairs, making sure to slam each stair extra hard. Before his sister was even halfway upstairs, Arlen could hear her undoing the zipper to the body she was in. Her mother sighed audibly. Teenagers. Even on another planet they’re the same, she thought. She turned towards Arlen, eyeing him suspiciously.

“And you, mister, don’t you have programming homework to do?” Arlen sighed. He was in his first year at the Atlantis Technical Institute, but already had a bad case of Senioritis. He longed to explore what lay beyond the moon colony. As far as Arlen was concerned, he was only going to stay in school until he’d saved enough money for a warp-ship. He’d been hoping the start of winter break would be just that--a break--but so far, no go.

Reluctantly, Arlen pulled his OmniLink from his pocket. He looked at the small spherical device; he hadn’t charged it for several nights and was hoping the battery might “conveniently” die. Much to his dismay, he found there was one bar of battery left; enough to do homework, but not enough to play games or goof off. With a sigh, Arlen glanced at the device:

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